Rikon 70-100 mini lathe reviews

The Rikon 70-100 mini lathe includes the biggest capacity in the industry, and with choices for multiple extensions, it enables you to work with bigger pieces. With 12" over the bed and 16" between centers, this mini lathe provides you space to do your work while maintaining a low profile on your workbench. Furthermore, it's very easy to set up and begin wood turning. Performance is spread smooth and there is no vibration.

The Rikon 70-100 offers a powerful ½ HP motor, and the design gives the capacity to a simple speed control through a variety of speeds – beginning from 430 to 810, 1230, 1810, 2670 and all up to 3900 RPM. Nevertheless, unlike some other mini lathes that provide a switch or a handle to change the speed, this lathe has a spacious cover that opens up providing you lots of room to adjust the drive belt safely and efficiently. A conveniently placed and tension-release lever and easy-to-use locking arm are also used. This comes with a handy chart for deciding spindle speed as well.

The Rikon 70-100 mini lathe is also unique – it includes a 12-position indexing head that enables you to lock the workpiece in different positions for improved accuracy in detail work. Presently you can easily perform detailed pattern work on projects such as drilling, grooving, layout, straight fluting, and so on. Besides, the 12-position indexing head likewise enables the spindle to be locked in place for the seamless removal of face plates, chucks, and other accessories.

If it’s not enough for you, how about this – the Rikon 70-100 has also a self-ejecting tail stock. That’s right, you will not need to suffer frustration and waste that precious time using the knock-out bar to remove the center all the time. Rikon already thought of that.

But the Rikon’s focus on user-friendly design doesn’t end here. This lathe additionally boasts several convenient features that make it super easy to use, for example, a flip-up handle for mobility, a nylon face plate washer which prevents accessories from sticking to the spindle, and a tool holder close to the back of the machine that provides you easy access to your centers and knockout bars. Finally, we can say that it is one of the best mini wood lathe 2017

- One of the most versatile mini lathes on the market, and easily customizable.
- Great for doing precision work and patterning.
- Its large capacity allows for the creation of both small wood turning projects and something larger.
- Sturdily built, it offers smooth and silent performance; there is no vibration.

- Some customers report poor customer support, slow delivery of parts and rough packaging of the machines.

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