Choosing the best wood lathe 2017

Do you want to choose the best wood lathe of 2017? Well, there are some factors you need to consider first before making a buying decision. You also consider your requirements to see if which lathe satisfies for your work
  • Motor: the motor decides how fast the wood can be cut. It is a very important factor. If you want to cut the heavy products, you can't choose a very small motor, the product can be damaged and the shaping tool can chatter
  • Power: the lathe's power can be analyzed with some features. The capacity of motor and the speed that it can effectively run contribute to the whole power. The strong device is suitable for handling the difficult projects
  • Speed: most of the lathes can be rotated at different speeds for having the wished output. Benchtop lathes require quicker rotation while bowl lathes do not. For beginners, they should choose a lathe which has adjustable speeds. The lathe with speed less than 2000rpm may be better for newbies.
  • Size & Build: the size must be suitable for project types. The smaller projects can require a mini lathe while a floor lathe is stronger and it is more capable of handling bigger projects, however, it requires more places also.
  • Weight: a heavier lathe may be more consistent and it won’t require extra weights for keeping it in place. A lightweight device may be easy to move out of place with quicker speeds or more complex jobs
  •  Stability: the turning speed will affect its sturdiness and stability. A better lathe should be heavy and tough for bearing blows and remain safe place for avoiding unexpected mistakes happened by movement. 
  • Noise: the best lathe should be noiseless. It not only prevent disturbing noise in the workplace but also allows the turner to hear how the cutting tool working accurately.
  • Ease of use: it's great to have a lathe which is sufficiently proficient in handling the important tasks while as yet being sufficiently simple to use
  • Vibration: a lightweight lathe is more susceptible to vibration that may compromise the ultimate item.
  • Capacity: a lathe with larger distance between center enables for bigger wood pieces for being turned.
  • Types of wood: a type of wood may be fitted for some devices, you should decide which lathe would be best to buy
  • Price: the lathes which make the quality ultimate items can be expensive. While some cheaper models can compromise the quality of items. You must have the plan to use it before making the buying best one for your need.
If you find a lathe that meets all above mentioned factors, it is certainly the best lathe to purchase. Lathe is a great device for your business projects and we hope you will find the best one after reading this tutorial. 

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